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SGA Studio

Limeside transformed SGA Studio Architects' vision into a compelling brand and a user-friendly website.


In the competitive landscape of architecture and design, establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for standing out and attracting potential clients. SGA Studio Architects recognized this need and partnered with Limeside, a creative agency known for its innovative approach to branding and web design. Limeside transformed SGA Studio Architects' vision into a compelling brand and a user-friendly website.

  1. Understanding SGA Studio Architects' Vision:

The first step in the process involved deep dives into the ethos of SGA Studio Architects. Limeside's team engaged in extensive conversations with key stakeholders, architects, and staff to grasp the essence of the firm's values, design philosophy, and long-term goals. This understanding formed the foundation for the subsequent creative processes.

  1. Brand Identity Development:

Limeside aimed to encapsulate the spirit of SGA Studio Architects in a visually striking brand identity. This involved the creation of a unique logo, color palette, and typography that resonated with the firm's architectural style. The logo, in particular, became a symbolic representation of SGA's commitment to innovation and timeless design.

  1. Website Design and Development:

A responsive and aesthetically pleasing website is essential for any modern business. Limeside focused on creating a website that not only showcased SGA Studio Architects' portfolio but also provided an immersive experience for visitors. The website design highlighted the firm's projects, values, and team members, while ensuring easy navigation for potential clients.

  1. Content Strategy:

Compelling storytelling is key to connecting with the audience. Limeside collaborated with SGA Studio Architects to develop a content strategy that communicated the firm's narrative effectively. This included the creation of engaging project descriptions, architect profiles, and blog content that showcased the thought process behind their designs.

  1. User Experience (UX) Optimization:

A seamless user experience is paramount in retaining website visitors. Limeside implemented UX best practices, ensuring that the website was not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate. This involved optimizing page load times, creating clear calls-to-action, and ensuring compatibility across various devices.

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