Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development


Starting from - £2500

We design and build your site with a flexible CMS (content management system) and with top-tier hosting.

We create custom, responsive websites with Webflow (hosting platform).

We design and build your site with a flexible CMS (content management system) and with top-tier hosting.

1. We define the site’s purpose

To design a website that yields expected results, we need to define what you want from it. We consider why you need the website—who your audience is, and what you’re targeting. Are you trying to get downloads, sales, reservations, appointments booked, engagements or even a larger audience?

It’s crucial we are crystal-clear on the purpose of the website. This will help you adopt the right content strategy and guide you through choosing the right theme and page navigation.

2. Gather your brand elements

Elements are details such as colours, fonts and images that bring your website together.

3. Create a site plan

This is a crucial stage as it helps you visualise the look and feel of the pages that will appear on your site and how they will link to each other. For example, knowing how many pages will be on your website, their content and the general layout means that you’ll have a guide for when we start the build.

4. The build

Once you’re happy with the site plan we start the build. We check in with you at regular intervals to agree the site is progressing as expected.

5. Test and launch your website

Before your site goes live, we test loading time, content readability, linking and mobile responsiveness, contact form and any other element that can affect user experience. We ask that you have family members and colleagues give their feedback about your website’s design. If there are no issues, we go ahead and publish your site.

Once the site is live there’s basic training on the CMS system. There’s also the option to add on any of our support packages.

6. CMS training

We will give you an hours one to one tutorial, talking you through the changes you are able to implement within the CMS system.

Available as add ons:  

• New staff member training • Yearly hosting • Ongoing IT support • Content /site updates

• URL and domain name purchase

25% deposit on commencement with a further 25% payable on chosen site design.

The final 50% is due on completion of the project and prior to assets hand over.